Instructions for Authors

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No particular length of your entry (article) is imposed. A plain MS Word document will be satisfactory:

  1. Your document submission (your name.docx)
  2. Clearly marked figures (artwork, we accept color artwork) your name.* (all reasonable formats are OK).
  3. For references could you follow Chicago Style ( and MS Word referencing mode.
  4. For equations use MS Word Math editor and add LaTeX ( code for these equations. The final entry will be typeset by us and we are working with LaTeX. editor. For example equation in Ms Word Math is [math]\frac{\mathrm d}{\mathrm d x} I(x)=-\alpha cI(x)\tag {1}[/math] and its LaTeX code is <math\frac{\mathrm d}{\mathrm d x} ( I(x) )=-\alpha cI(x)\tag {1}/math>. We use MathJax ( as a cross-browser JavaScript library that displays mathematical notation in web browsers, using MathML (, LaTeX and ASCIIMathML ( markup.
  5. The author(s) are asked to indicate in their manuscript the words which in their opinion should be represented as entries in Encyclopedia of Luminescence. This distinction should be done by underlining word and using blue font color, say a word. The authors should be careful as for example words photoelectron transfer are a separate entry in Encyclopedia of Luminescence, but word electron obviously does not belong to this category. During the entry typesetting, featured words will be linked to respective entries in Encyclopedia of Luminescence.