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Cees Ronda started working with Philips Research since 1986. He is a materials scientist with wide ranging experience in luminescent materials based on a solid theoretical background. He has made important contributions to the development of improved and novel luminescent materials for lamps, LEDs and solar cells, displays and medical applications. Cees has also worked on the understanding of Hg-consumption mechanisms in fluorescent lamps and he has contributed to a more fundamental understanding of electrode operation in fluorescent lamps. In recent years, he has increased the scope of his research interests to include ‘water and air’, aiming at finding solutions to improve the quality of the water people drink and the air people breathe. Projects he has worked on resulted in products such as: Phosphors for Sun tanning Lamps and LEDs, ‘My Reading Light’ and Scintillators.

In 2005, Cees received the Pannenborg Award, in honour of his major contributions to Philips and Philips Research. He has also been granted numerous Innovation Awards over the years.

Cees was also a prime mover in developing the BrainBridge, helping to set up a research co-operation between the Zhejiang University in Hangzhou (China), TU-Eindhoven and Philips Research. He is currently chairman of the program committee that steers the research activities of the BrainBridge.

He is part-time professor at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands and at Zhejiang University in China.