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Adrie J. J. Bos


Studied Physics at the Free University of Amsterdam and got a PhD in the field of experimental nuclear physics: construction and application of a proton microbeam. Since 1984 employed at Reactor Institute Delft, nowadays part of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the Delft University of Technology as senior scientist. He has 30 years of experience in research in all kinds of dosimetry of ionizing radiation, both the fundamental aspects and the application in health physics and luminescence dating. In particular he investigated materials showing thermally and optically stimulated luminescence. He was also involved in the development of a new type of detector for microdosimetry.

As a lecturer he is actively involved in teaching Health Physics within the curriculum of the TUDelft and beyond. He participated in the Summer Schools on Solid State Dosimetry in Athens (2001), Yale (2004), Delft (2007), Wollongong (2010), Recife (2013) and Munich (2016).

His current research interest involves persistent luminescence and storage phosphors and the application of fluorescent nuclear track detectors in the field of radiotherapy.

Adrie Bos has published more than 160 articles in peer reviewed journals and has written a widely used text book on Health Physics. He was the organizer of the 15th Solid State Dosimetry Conference in Delft 2007.

Selected publications

A. J. J. Bos, P. Dorenbos, A. Bessière and B. Viana, Lantanide Energy Levels in YPO4 Radiation Measurements 43(2-6) (2008) 222-226.

A.J.J. Bos, Theory of Thermoluminescence, Radiation Meas. 41 (2007) S45 – S56

A. J. J. Bos, F.S. Draaisma, W.J.C. Okx, Inleiding tot de stralingshygiëne, Sduuitgevers, Den Haag, 2007, 2de druk, ISBN 978 90 12 11 905 4

Adrie J. J. Bos and Francesco d'Errico, Some developments in Neutron and Charged Particle Dosimetry, Radiation Protection Dosimetry 120 (2006) 331-336.

A. J. J. Bos, High sensitivity thermoluminescence dosimetry, Nucl. Instr. Meth. B184 (2001) 3 – 28 A.

J. J. Bos, On the Energy Conversion in Thermoluminescent Dosimetry, Materials Radiation Measurements 33 (2001) 737-744 .